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Ken and Holly - short paragraph for website

Ken: Ken was born into a big family, so has always had to be loud just to get heard. From a young age he loved to perform and attended a performing arts school to hone his skills. ‘KA Arts’ was how Ken discovered the position to co-present ‘Spectacle’. His passion to be on television shone through in his first script read and later developed an excellent companionship with Holly. Their friendship and abilities to bounce off each other are what made the producers here at Spectacle know they were right for the job.

 Holly: At the age of 15, Holly was scouted by talent scouts while shopping with family and was signed by ‘RD Associates Management'. She began her career posing for teen pop magazines before she auditioned for a presenting job for a brand new game show. ‘Mind masters’ was Holly’s first breakthrough into the television industry. The show ran for 6 series before the network made the decision not to renew for a 7th. Holly was chosen to co-present ‘Spectacle’ along with Ken …

Shooting script

Opening titles*
Alfie:Hello and welcome to spectacle
Georgia:the music magazine show that gives you an insight to up and coming artists in the industry
Alfie:coming up on todays show
*clips of zara and ollie waving*
Alfie: we meet the newly married couple, capturing the hearts of the country with their music (name) as they promote their new single (name) and catch a sneak peak of their brand new music video 
*clip of Megan singing on social media and views increasing rapidly *
Georgia:and we find out how Canadian internet sensation Megan Dobson plans to make a break through in the UK
Alfie:exclusive interviews and live performances, this is music through our lens

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